Introduction to leverage trading

Guides and trading resources specially designed to help you understand the benefits and risks of trading with leverage.

What is leverage trading? HERO
What is leverage trading?

Leverage trading is the use of a smaller amount of initial funds or capital to gain exposure to larger trade positions in an underlying asset or financial instrument.

What is margin in trading? HERO
Beginners guide to trading with margin

Leverage the funds in your account to potentially generate larger profits or losses while trading.

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What is a pip? HERO
What is a pip in leverage trading?

Our article explains the basics of pips and how to use pips when trading with OANDA

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Long and short positions HERO
What does it mean to trade ‘long’ or ‘short’?

Our article describes the differences between the two position types and explains how they relate to asset ownership.

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Order types explained HERO
Beginners guide to market orders

Manage your trade entry points and improve your risk to reward ratio by choosing the right kind of orders for your trading style.

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